Friday, December 11, 2009

To-do list this Holiday Season

back to the roots of this blog: to-do lists. things i start, but never finish! hoorayyy!

This Holiday Season I plan to:
  • make parisian macarons
  • make candy canes dipped in chocolate and wrap them beautifully
  • make a gingerbread house (yay for next weds!!!!!)
  • buy christmas presents for:
  1. mom, dad, claire (some done)
  2. tom
  3. close friends
  4. sienna - done! (haha i would)
  • decorate Hanukkah sugar cookies for my fabulous Jewish roomie, Dana! (step 1 done - cookie cutters already bought!)
  • give my spare change to those little salvation army pots (already done this a few times!)
  • clean out my closets - a lot of homeless people need warm clothes. who cares if they are from three years ago. a little goes a long way.
  • make my cute little flower headbands, clips, necklaces for my girl cousins because they are fabulous!
oh and so much more! these are just things that are easily attainable with two weeks left!!

happy holidays my lovelies :)


  1. lol i've been dumping change into the red buckets too! what headbands are you making?? i want to make them for my cousins too, i'm jealous! lol

  2. i'll do a post about them once I make some more! Just simple fabric (mostly organza) flowers!! so fun!