Friday, December 4, 2009

Ornament of the day - Dec 4

These are the cutest little cupcakes! Who wouldn't want these hanging from their tree?
Or, for a more regular use, you can place them on a cute little tray in the kitchen all year 'round :) or even just for a baking/cookie party with the girls!

love these little guys!

you can buy them here!!


i seriously can't help myself but to post ALL of these dreamy little cupcake ornaments!
if you are a crafty girl, you can make most of these yourself!!

who doesn't love pink felt frosting?

haha these guys make me smile:

cute little mosaic:

these look as decadent as the real thing - and totally DIY:

pretty little crocheted guy:

**all of these can be purchased on (also the source of my pictures!)

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  1. love the cupcake ornaments!!

    Hope you are having a good weekend :)