Friday, December 4, 2009

A gift guide for the Pet Lover (haha)

hahaaha, if you know me, you know i love my pup more than anything. despite how destructive, psycho, two-faced, mean she might be sometimes, she is the most precious little snuggler ever if you can tire her out (sounds appealing, right? who wants her for adoption?)

I put together a perfect little Pet Lover (dog lover) Gift Guide (hint, hint, world. i want these things for Sienna) for the awesome dog owners like me!

this tug-a-jug was sold to me by my pet trainer. this is just about the only positive that the $250 training expenditure brought into my life. it's awesome, it occupies the dog and helps them to eat slower, concentrate more, and actually use their brain to eat/play/tug. it's perfect for people who hate leaving their dogs in the morning for work - what a great distraction with food or treats! unscrew the bottle, fill with toys, treats, or kibble, and let the dog go to work! :)

this was also recommended by my pet trainer for destructive dogs, and i have yet to go back to purchase it. instead of ripping the toy to shreds for the squeaker inside, the pup can pull the egg babies out of the middle and play with them, then bring them back to you to re-fill the stuffed animal! such a good idea for the overly playful, accidentally destructive pup :)

I can't say enough about how great Mimi Green is! Her store is so freaking cute on, and the collars are AMAZING. You can run them through the washer/dryer, order them in different sizes, get a matching leash/bow(haha)/flower and all sorts of other fun stuff! Her service is unmatched - I got a personal note with my dog's collar and it came in the cutest packaging! buy.her.stuff.
p.s. - i don't know her or work for her. i just want to be her.

This is on my christmas wish list for Sienna! These are just so cute and would hold more info than her ugly Petco tag now. This specific Etsy shop has all sorts of pretty designs for pet tags.
Sienna's would say her name, her address, phone, and possibly "I hate children. Don't pet me"

Another gift that I can't seem to find a picture online of is PERFECT for any pup around the holidays - and *bonus* it's in the Target $1 section. Sienna has one already and loves it:

(haha she is also wearing her Mimi Green collar by coincidence)

ok, there are about 293829 other things that I want for my pup, but that would get greedy, wouldn't it? Maybe I'll post more awesome finds later on :)

Happy Pet Shopping!


  1. i love that pull-jug thing! did you pick that up at like petco or something or online? i was looking at those dog tags too, i might buy james a charm for his chain that says 'minion' with a paw print haha.

  2. haha, i make sienna eat out of it. poor girl. she is REALLY good at it now though! also - buy the one with the rope, not the rubber pull thinger. sienna chewed the rubber thing off in a day....haha

    i bought it at my dog training place, but i think you can buy them at petco/dog boutiques