Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A gift guide for the boys

another gift guide! this time it's for the guys! i guess i am feeling a bit generous this holiday season....

unfortunately, some of these items are a bit pricey, but there are SO many cheaper alternatives out there :) I was thinking a few nice gifts for dad or bf when i created this post....


  1. For the Grill Master - Mr. Bar-B-Q Platinum Prestige Tools 20-pc. Set - $49.99 at Target
  2. For the traveler - knomo LONDON Leather Passport Case - $45.00 at Nordstrom
  3. For the Business Man or the Preppy guy - John W. Nordstrom Argyle Cashmere Socks - $39.50 at Nordstrom
  4. BOSS Orange Leather Belt - $55 at Nordstrom
  5. For the Sporty guy - LACOSTE cologne - $38, $50, $65 at Sephora
  6. Sterling Silver with Wood Square Cuff Links - $125 at Brooks Brothers
  7. For the traveling Business Man - Millenium Leather Tie Case With Hanger - $77.95 at
  8. Snapper Square Link Cuffs - $165 at Brooks Brothers
  9. For the Grill Master - Reversible 14"x20" Meat Holding Wedge/Trench Board - $49.99 at Target.
merry christmas to our dad's, bf's, brothers, and friends :)

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