Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ornament of the day - Dec 8

Today's ornament isn't DIY, or crafty in any way!

it's just SUPER special to me! It's my favorite ornament on my parents tree: Humpty Dumpty. Yes, I'm serious!

the one above is exactly like mine at home - you pull a string and his arms and legs move like he is dancing. its awesome!
the reason i like him so much is because my pop-pop and grandma gave me a humpty dumpty pillow pal when i was a baby, and it was THE BEST PRESENT EVER. i carried him with me everywhere, and his arms and legs had to be re-sewn like ten times. i still love him to this day :)

the two below are other cutie pies!

how can you not love these little guys? :)

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