Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Red Rock Canyon - yea, I hiked!

so, pretty much everyone that reads my blog (as far i know), knows me. and knows perfectly well that i do not do well in the outdoors (or doing anything adventurous or athletic). whether it be camping, hiking, picnics, anything. mostly because i am allergic and know that the consequences are terrible, but also because i am deathly afraid and lazy.

well, so far in 2009, i have:
  • jumped off a bridge
  • gone tubing with trevor's dad driving (seriously, not as easy as it sounds)
  • jumped in a lake where i couldn't see the bottom (still didn't touch the ground)
  • new: hiked red rock canyon
while these may seem like regular summer activities to you, they are awesome, new, adventurous things for this girl!

just getting on the path:

on the way up - looking down:

go me!:

picture of me and tom at the top:

you'll notice how far the car is. this, to me, is an accomplishment to add to my list :)

more to come later!

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