Monday, December 14, 2009

Things that make me HAPPY!

My first blog award! A big thank you to Jenna at Daily Loves and Laughs! She is a fellow Hokie and one of my Sigma Kappa sisters!
I was looking forward to her usual Monday post all morning and when it showed up in my Reader, of course I was even more excited! I suggest you follow her :)

So now I get to list 10 things that make me happy! perfect for this holiday season!
  1. Christmas decorations. all of them!
  2. blogging! it has saved me from a lot of boredom in my transition into my new job
  3. Clairebear - my crazy sister whom i couldn't live without
  4. 5501. best 6 roomies i could ever ask for :) (yes, there are 6 of us. plus sienna)
  5. sienna - she makes me happy when skies are gray :) how could you not love her?

  7. my coworkers - seriously, they are many young, fun people!!
  8. My friends - i love them! **sidenote - esp running into friends i haven't seen in forever. Here is a picture from this past weekend, ran into some of my sigma kappa sisters at Clarendon Grill!

  9. holiday baking! i have yet to make some delicious treats, that's what this week is for!
  10. online shopping! being in the store with all the crazies, drives me crazy!! I like shopping in my pjs :)
I am going to pass this award onto one of my "home friends" whose happiness spreads like wildfire, Holland! she has been glowing this past year, just had a BEAUTIFUL baby and recently got engaged to the love of her life! I seriously couldn't be happier for her! Find her here:

I have to pass this along to Erin at Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself and Lindsay at An Ode to Getting Real, too :) They are both friends from home in MD, they are both too funny...and maybe this award will make them post more (hint hint, ladies!!)

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  1. Great post! and by the way Sienna is ADORABLE :)