Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Day!!

Hi Hi!

We had a HUGE snowstorm in DC - biggest since the 1930's (if I am told correctly)!

My home computer crashed - so unfortunately, I couldn't post any pictures from home this weekend - or really until after Christmas - my pops got me a new HP! :) thrilled! luckily, i have some time at work for a quick update!

recipe for for the funniest weekend ever:
20+ inches of snow. 5 girls. 1 boy. + boyfriends and friends. one scraper (total). no shovel. lots of booze. 8 or so cars to dig out. no plow.....still no plow as of Tuesday afternoon.

step outside and boom:

knee deep in powdery snow

first thing i see, my car....ahem - my rearview mirrors

look back up at the cute little house we call home:

watched sienna play ALL WEEKEND LONG! she was a gem this weekend!

last but not least - roomie picture with LOTS of snow everywhere in the background:

hope you all stayed safe and warm in your little winter wonderland!

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  1. i LOVE all the pics that you do in picnik. sooo cute! one day I will figure that stuff out! :)