Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've got a feeling...

....i am feeling SO crafty right now. it's ALL i can think about. work is the last thing on my mind and it shouldn't be. i need shift my ass to high gear to close out this work week so that i can act on my crafty feelings...

to make/cook:
  • homemade thin mints. holy sh*t i'm drooling.
  • i need another attempt at parisian macarons, despite the extreme failure the first time
  • making plenty of beautiful flower hair piece options for my gorgeous biggie's wedding! (big = sorority big sister for the non-greek)
  • making the awesome beaded necklaces i posted about earlier this week
  • making my chipotle meatloaf for my momma's birthday this weekend!
i have a feeling this domestic bug that has bitten me is slowly taking over my life...and besides the whole not worrying about work thing, i'm pretty okay with it! if only i could make it a full-time thing.

one can dream, right?

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