Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Anthropologie,

you, my friend, make your jewelry far too expensive. I am taking this as my personal challenge to make a cheaper, but equally as beautiful, option for at least one of the following necklaces:

top middle - you are my fave. i WILL make you. others, you are just as adorable...you are my goals! how amazing would it be to include my own versions of these in my spring wardrobe? i'd be SO excited!!
be on the lookout for my creations...we'll see how this goes :)


  1. oh those are super cute.. good luck with them!! make sure to post how you did them so I can try too haha ;)

  2. i bought vintage ribbon at an estate sale & i'm going to try & play around to make a ribbon necklace.. but i'll probably end up making my mom make it because i have 0 craft skills