Monday, March 1, 2010

UGLY Bouquets

Dear Canada, can you do ANYTHING right besides play hockey? (and beat us in a few other sports....but that's neither here nor there)

Your 1,800 bouquets that you passed out during the 2010 Winter Olympics were HORRIFIC. As my friend Holly said "you can't pass a man a bouquet of peonies" - but you CAN pass them something that isn't heinous. If I was passed one of those, I wouldn't be thrilled. The medal, however, was beautiful. I'll give that to you.

Next time, although there will probably never be a next time because you managed DEATH in your Olympic games, do better.


Want some info about the ugliness - here you go.

also - i realize i have been gone for quite some time, i was doing "big things" in florida...haha - i have plenty of great posts on hand for today and this week, bloggy friends! :)

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