Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lucky Charms

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

watch out for little leprechauns! They're always after your lucky charms....

if that isn't the MOST creepy Halloween costume I've ever seen, then i don't know what is. from here.

I'll be celebrating the day (hungover as hell. thanks roomie dinner party) watching this video over and over again! IT COULD BE A CRACK HEADDDDDD!!


  1. Gotta show some love for the Lep and get the t-shirt:

  2. correction: I am in shock about the first picture and speechless about the video (besides: "GIMME THE GOLD, I WANT THE GOLD")

  3. just me or does the man Leprechaun look like Chris Lapp?

  4. baaaaahahahaha KELL!!!!!! I thought the exact same thing!!!!!!!!!!