Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am thankful for....A-Z

Madeleine's A-Z list of things that I am thankful for....

a - adulthood - apparently i'm in that age group now
b - big bottles of Barefoot Chardonnay
c - claire!! - best sissy ever
d - david yurman - needs no explanation
e - etsy - so many talented designers in one place
f - friends and family- i have the best ones (especially my parents and my sister!!)
g - GLEE!!! - this is probably what i'm most thankful for....
h - happy hour with friends - nothing better than spending time with your friends over a few less expensive-than-usual drinks
i - italy - and all of the amazing adventures that we had when we studied there
j - job - i am SO thankful to have a job that i love
k - kitchenaid products - including but not limited to my mixer, blender, food processor, toaster oven, knife set and immersion blender
l - lebanese food - still learning how to make it...
m - memories - i have so many, mostly good, some bad. i am thankful to have the ability to remember so much
n - nutella - nom nom nom.
o - outdoor seating/patios - i loveee sitting outside in the summertime - people watching is so much better when there isn't a window between you and the old man in short shorts
p - potluck dinner with the girls - delicious food, great company, decent wine :)
q - quirks - and people who can appreciate all of the quirks that i have....
r - responsibility - it's a new concept to me, but i am thankful that it's not as hard as i thought it would be
s - Silver Oak Winery and the 1985 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon that me and my sister just shared
t - TSA - and their new naked bomb scanner - whatever keeps us all safe!
u - universal remotes - sienna has eaten 3 of mine so far.
v - virginia tech - because it's the most amazing place in the world
w - wilson blvd - i live off of it AND work off of it.
x - xenophobia - my dog has it. i have to deal with it.
y - yellow - i loooooove the color yellow, especially marigold, mustard and dandelion shades
z - zoom - the zoom feature on my Canon is UNREAL

*last year's post

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