Friday, November 12, 2010


RIP Marc - I can't believe it's been three years. I still wait for texts from him that say "what's up ho? I'm in town, let's drink beers." - haha he was hilarious (and despite saying "ho", Marc was actually a VERY sweet guy - we met in 6th grade when i moved to darnestown, briefly dated in high school and stayed good friends through college)

To keep sane and cope, my family and I keep in touch with the Cocozzella family year-round. We love to get together to drink wine, make pizza in their imported italian pizza oven (seriously.), talk about good times with Marc, and continue to create new memories. They are the most amazingly strong, caring and kind really upsets me to see such a terrible thing happen to such great people.

I always keep you and your family in my prayers, Marc....11.12.07. Until we meet again...

How do you cope with the loss of a good friend?


  1. awww mads! I have tears in my eyes. I love youuu.

  2. I go visit her, cry my eyes out from time to time, text her when I want/need answers from her, and just remember her.

  3. Love you Mads! The 10 year anniversary of my bff passing away was earlier this year. It still totally sucks - but I do feel like I have my own little choir of angels now with the family and friends that are watching over me.

  4. hold on to all the memories... I write stuff down, that way from time to time I can go back and read about it for a "refresher". No matter what you do, it stinks, but to me the memories keep the loved ones that are already gone a little present in my life.