Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sienna is on bed rest!

who would have ever thought we'd have to put the MOST ACTIVE pup in the world on bed rest?!?!

welp, the little sucker has been playing too rough for about three weeks and seems to have developed a limp/sometimes walks on three legs. it got bad enough that we (my sister) decided to take her to the vet (normally we tell her to walk it off....she IS a ninja afterall....). they first informed us that it was a) lymes disease or b) ACL injury. AWESOME - both will set me back over $1000. after her evaluation - where she attempted to bite the vet tech (yay red flagged folder) - they told us that she doesn't have lymes and that it was probably just a muscle strain that she hasn't recovered from yet. the vet prescribed some pain pills and bed rest for a week...

....she seems to be taking it well :)

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