Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alphabetical List of things I am *thankful* for....

I saw my sorority sister posted one of these recently, and seeing as its the Thanksgiving season, I thought it would be appropriate :)

A - arugula lettuce (i l-o-v-e the peppery flavor)
B - blogs. and boyfriends!!
C - casual stalking (cupcakes are a close second, Claire too.)
D - diamonds (haha)
E - emo kids to make fun of
F - fusters. fingers (they are valuable, ask kate, she broke hers). fast food. food in general. fallettis.
G - glasses - seeing, wine, tables, etc. ginormous bottles of wine.
H - hilariousity (it's a word). heels. happiness. hippos.
I - intelligence
J - jokes. on you.
K - kisses *muah*
L - laughing. love. lame things
M - Me, myself and I. magical adventures. memories.
N - new clothes. neveu. namecalling.
O - olive oil.
P - pigs. i want one. POTLUCK DINNERS!
Q - quality programming - such as Bravo TV, E! network, and various other reality stations
R - restaurants. reading. raging alcoholics (5501)
S - stalking. wait, did i already say that? - Fine. SIENNA! or Sigma Kappa Sisters
T - twitter - so i can stalk. tom!
U - underpants.
V - vinegar. balsamic specifically. i put it on everything.
W - wedding blogs. cant.get.enough. (and no, i'm not engaged)
X - Xtreme roof jumping - meeeesh!
Y - yuppy puppies
Z - ZINGER! <-- saying that after i make a dumb joke.

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