Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Because the boy doesn't read my blog :)

Just got the cutest idea for our anniversary gift! I have been dating Tom for a year now - so exciting!

with my recent crafty activities, i have decided to make something inspired by this:

is it not precious!?

However, I'll be using cards he has given me, tickets of sports game we've been to, Harry Potter reference of sorts (first "date", we're so cool), and various other little trinkets in picture form that remind me of us! and i plan on doing 12, representing the 12 months we've been together. and behind it all as the background will be the note i wrote to my amazing friend Meesh (check out her blog!) about how it all got started between the two of us...

crafty, eh?

idea found here.


  1. i love this idea! I may have to do something similar with all of our wedding cards lol :)