Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TO-DO this week! DIY!

do-it-yourself is the new black. in my world.

i have been on a DIY/creative spree and i can't help myself with these two next projects!
once again, inspired by etsy (here and here), michelle and i can hardly contain ourselves! like two extremely crafty kids in a candy store.

This is the most perfect (and also re-usuable) advent calendar i have ever seen!

isn't it precious?

don't you want to make one yourself?

if your jewish, doesn't it make you want to celebrate christmas? or just make a Hanukkah one...

...and next...this is a cute little countdown too...not quite sure if i'm going to take on two big projects in one day though...

so crafty!! this one requires a bit more work - but i think its possible :)

we are making these little babes Thursday night - will post results Friday :)

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