Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving DIY Projects

I won't be around this Thanksgiving (VEGAS!), but if I was, here are few adorable projects (that are fairly affordable) that I would consider:

some cute little place settings-

cute little mod pumpkins for either a centerpiece or a hallway or fireplace mantle decoration:

this cute "this year i am thankful for: _____" turkey would be great for a family with younger children - they could each decorate their own leaf!

and this is my all-time favorite little doo-dad, you could really use him anywhere! and he looks so simple to make!

Happy Turkey Day! See you next Wednesday!

no blogging for a week, i might go crazy!

ps - these photos aren't mine, but i can't remember where i got them. oops.


  1. oommmggg I LOVE the pine cone turkey!! what a little nugget!

  2. i need to start being more crafty and try some of these ideas haha... hope you have a great time in Vegas!! :)