Thursday, November 5, 2009

a big to-do

uh oh, my to-do list is getting bigger (mostly sienna-related issues), yet i've spent too much money on **cough, clothes, cough, shoes, cough** recently sooo i have been putting it off....woopsies.

sienna managed to rip OPEN my brand new down comforter container, and bite through the comforter, leaving my bedroom floor nice and fluffy and me with a bigger dry cleaning/seamstress bill than i planned with my normal clothes.
she also found a single piece of candy by tearing apart my BRAND NEW suit jacket pocket from the Limited (those suckers aren't cheap) so i need to get that fixed as well.
also sienna related - need to get her a bath, clip her nails, renew her dog license, and get a new tag printed for a second collar.

something is seriously wrong in her brain.
even in this picture she is different from the other pups.

devil dog.but i love her.

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