Thursday, February 3, 2011

Puppy Drama!

this little angel has turned into a terror as of lately. she growls at me and my sister (i'm her primary owner, but sis might as well be a co-owner), and she even growled at another roommate who she is OBSESSED with.  on top of that, she lunged at our short friend after being fine with her for a longer period of time.  sienna has always had a TON of attitude and a generally quirky personality, but this is getting a little scary. instead of loving when we snuggle with her, she sometimes shows her teeth. it's getting out of hand and we are hoping to get a behavior specialist in soon.  she really only growls at night...and mostly freaks out when people are in "her" territory - my bedroom.

do any of you guys have suggestions of what to do? we are very quickly losing patience as this is not the first instance of her almost 3 years old, i would have thought some of these negative qualities would slowly fade...

anyyyyyy suggestions are accepted (except for the obvious - to put her down. we have obviously thought about this...don't get me started)!! any lurkers who randomly read my blog and have doggie expertise - please comment :)

i dont want to have to give this precious pup away!


  1. have you thought about changing her food, or excercise routine?? we feed minion wellness. it's expensive but i swear by it.

  2. I'm sorry Madeleine! that's a hard situation.. I don't know really have any adive, but I hope things start to get better! Let us how things go!