Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chesapeake Oyster and Beer Festival

my family and friends attended this event last weekend at the national harbor in md! it was super fun, and there were enough oysters and beer to kill everyone in the room. as people got more and more drunk, they stopped eating and starting dancing and taking oyster shooters. clearly, i had to participate. in hindsight, as the picture suggests, it was not the best idea.

seriously, not the most thrilling thing in the world!

but the oysters were tasty, and there were many choices when it came to beer! i think i tried everything there! such a great night!
Blue Point Oysters - the BEST!

Papi, me and sissy! we have such a good time together!

......and then we went out that night. i don't know anyone in this picture.

all in all - a great little (ridiculous) saturday!

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