Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lindsay in Jail

{*via twitpic}

At one point, I admired LiLo. She had it all. I didn't even hate her red hair...and I DESPISE red hair.

Mean Girls is in my top 10 favorite movies ....who doesn't like a movie that says "is butter a carb?" - genius.

welp, she is now in jail for being an idiot....and I HIGHLY recommend following "lindsayinjail" on twitter because its fucking hilarious. sorry for cursing.

  • This ho bag two cells over hasn't stopped humming "So Yesterday" since I got here! BITCH I CAN HEAR YOU GETTING FATTER
  • FML the pink jumpsuit that Ali smuggled me just got confiscated. Don't they understand?? On wedsnesdays we wear pink!!
  • Got off on the wrong foot with one of the guards. She said she was from Africa and I asked why she was white.


  1. typically yes! don't even get offended erin!!!! i've complimented your hair like five times in the past year! hahaha!

  2. haahaa not offended!! LOL just had no idea! :)