Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I have lots of fun things lined up this weekend! Two of my best, and goofiest, friends from college (GO HOKIES!!!!!!) will be in town this weekend! They are HUGE Phillies fans so we are taking them to the Nats/Phillies game tonight for a good game that the Phillies will FOR SURE win :) It's going to be awesome!!

Then later on tonight we are heading to a birthday party at Clarendon Ballroom (sketch central)! Should be lots of fun!!!

eeeeeee i hope ya'll have the best weekend ever!

and some more GREAT news - my friends just got engaged!! Congrats to Ashton and Drew!!! :) yayayaayyaya!!!!!


  1. Phillies for sure huh?
    don't start sports betting!

  2. haha i was amazing! and so happy that the Nat's won!! :) best part was that it didn't ruin my friends' night (sometimes sports get the best of them!)