Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Happenings :)

This weekend was beautiful here in DC! I hope you all were able to spend it outside like I did! Between HOURS of happiness immediately after work on Friday at Clarendon Ballroom rooftop, birthday brunches at Chadwick's and a Kentucky Derby party on Saturday to the National Harbor on Sunday, I had my fair share of day drinking :) I never feel like I am doing anything wrong or bad for me when I day drink! Isn't that terrible? It's just SO fun and usually WAY less expensive than night drinking because it's usually a brunch menu or in someones backyard! (I try to justify my ridiculous-ness with these kind of thoughts)

Kentucky Derby party - clearly not the best picture, i'll upload more once i get them from friends:

hi tandy.

The boo and I went to the National Harbor for trade show training (we work at the same company, different locations...weird, I know) and then sat down for drinks and apps at this place called Bond 45. They serve some of their drinks in teapots, prohibition style! SO COOL! obvi, I ordered one (or two.... :))
View from our seats at Bond 45:

then we took a walk on the pier with some delicious gelato (I studied abroad in Italy, can you imagine my excitement!!?!?!?!) and this is what we saw:
a really creepy arm...then i realized it's much more:
A bunch of stupid kids climbing on a creepy body coming out of the sand. I just don't get it.

All in a all, a great weekend :)

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