Monday, May 17, 2010

The Countdown is on: New House styleee

hey friends!

I've been so MIA with regular posts recently because our days at 5501 are coming to an end and we are FRANTICALLY trying to find a new place to call home! We are downsizing roommate-wise and it's starting to make us all really sad! There are currently 6 people at 5501 and while it's awesome, we are all going different places, whether it be moving home, or in with new people. Luckily, at least 3 of us are sticking together and trying to find something that can compare to our time at 5501.'s hard. really, really hard!!! Who would have thought our POS house with a leaky, moldy roof and a front door that the dog can push open with one paw would make this so difficult!

We're trying to make a decision by Memorial Day (that's when we have to tell our landlord we are moving out) - so the countdown is on! eeeeee so excited and so nervous!

Wish us luck - we've already seen like 4 or 5 houses and they have been no good! It doesn't help that we are in Arlington with a bunch of other set's of 3's looking for homes. Or that we have a 50lb dog who needs a yard. Or that we have a budget.

oh life - please help us out with the house search this week!!

our beloved 5501:

this is when we first moved in and our house got TP'ed HAHAHA - we're such grown ups!

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