Friday, April 16, 2010

Live for 32

Many people know me as an extremely proud Hokie. Today is no exception. Today, I remember 4.16.07. I remember every minute of that week as if it were yesterday. I remember telling my friends I love them and praying for those 32 who we lost.

I remember waking up to a phone call from my sister - she was frantically asking me if I was okay. It was the third call I received in a span of 3 minutes, the other two were from my dad and I think my room mate (it was early in the morning on a Monday, things were a bit hazy, and I almost didn't answer). I remember freaking out about getting in contact with everyone I knew. I remember being so afraid for the few that I couldn't contact - Blacksburg doesn't exactly have quality cell towers. I remember getting on facebook and checking the pages of each of my friends a THOUSAND times to make they posted that they were okay. I remember receiving that final Sigma Kappa email midway through the day stating that every girl in our sorority was accounted for. Thank God for the internet. I remember crying for hours on end when I finally realized that all my friends were accounted for.
*I remember crying for many more hours for those lives that were lost.*

Today, three years after this terrible day, I remember everything.

I will never forget my friends, and how they helped me get through even the worst days.
I will never forget the pride that I have in my school.
I will never forget to say I Love You.
I will never forget my four years in the amazing place in the world.
I will certainly NEVER forget to pray.
I will neVer forgeT.

I will Live for 32.

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  1. love you so much! SO proud to be a hokie. Live for 32.