Thursday, April 22, 2010


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I feel famous! I got my first totally random reader fan mail today! It seriously made my day!

This is awkward and creepy and stalkerish, but I'm totally sending you fan mail right now... feel free to delete and pass off as weird. I also live in the DC area and randomly found your blog today while bored (per usual) at work and have spent the last several hours reading, enjoying, and quite frankly, giggling. As soon as I read your bio, I emailed my boyfriend and was like, this is either my long lost twin or I'm reading about myself. The lists, planners, crafts, cooking, WINE...all of it. It's like looking in a freakin' mirror. LOVE it!

Can't wait to keep reading :)


Thanks, Amanda!! You have no idea how much I appreciate your stalkerish skills!!

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