Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Motivation

“I’m not going to call it working out. I’m going to call it horror movie training. You never know when you’ll need to run.”

My new motivation.

I am going to Florida for work (read: FUN!) in a short 20 days - I am heading south for a FULL WEEK despite the fact that my conference is only three days. You see, little old me was selected as Aide de Camp (read: head honcho's biotch) so I am taking my position with pride (read: I don't care what my role is, I want Flo-ridaaaa) and all of the perks that come with it (read: RITZ CARLTON, BABBYY!!!)

things to look forward to:
  • hanging out with some of my FAVORITE co-workers - seriously, they are awesome
  • face time with the big dogs - this is important to me and it's an amazing opportunity
  • learning more about my industry and company - i suppose i'll need to read up on Army speak
  • sun
  • sand (is there a beach in ft. lauderdale? i have no idea where it is?)
  • a drink in my hand
  • no problemssss (too far?? haha)
things to be scared of:
  • errors -
  • the big dogs - I need to be ON MY GAME this week, I can do it!
  • bathing suit season is TOO soon. and I am taf (spell "fat" backwards - it's SO much nicer sounding. and funny)
motivation to stay on track with my healthier me: florida. horror movie training.


  1. I'm jealous you are going to Florida for a week! it's always nice to have trips like that to get you through the boring winter months haha.. you will have such a good time!!

  2. Go get em you DEEV!!! You will be FAB!! XOXOXXOXO