Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Because work is taking over my life

hey guys, work has been a whirlwind this week after the huge snowfall last week! we have been non-stop getting ready for a huge conference next week, and my days at work no longer involve long lunch hours reading blogs :)

however, here is some eye candy !

be back with more this week, i promise!

dreamin' of some fun, sunny days in Florida all of next week!


  1. hope everything goes well with the conference next week!

    I also wanted to let you know that Jade, Amy and I are all staying at Ashley's this weekend and will be out in Georgetown on Saturday.. I have no idea how far that is from where you are, but I ashley told me to let you know if you are out that night we should try to all meet up :)

  2. ahhh!! YAYY!! I'm pretty sure that I'll be in DC somewhere, I am definitely going to try to meet up with ya'll!!! Have a safe trip down! and thanks for the well wishes!! eee i'm nervous!