Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my seeester - Claire

Claire also insists that I blog about her ever important existence on this planet...

Claire is my one and only sister, and i suppose she is my bestest friend.
her 3 main characteristics:

HILARIOUS (inappropriate)
friendly (in a creepy way)
smart (but when it comes to common sense, retarded)

she is also a lot of other things, but i'll leave previous posts open for that.

she is a first year MBA student at GW - specializing in Sports Mgmt.
her dream is to marry (and then quickly divorce) a Professional Sports player
and she always follows her dreams
she felt this was step 1.

her and i also both went to VIRGINIA TECH and were members of Sigma Kappa together!
nothing.better.in.the.world. I was soooo excited when she got her bid! (almost 5 years ago now...whoa.)

This was at my birthday a few weeks ago:

happy dool? :)

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