Monday, October 19, 2009

Dislike Monday #1

ok, so one of my favorite lists to keep is a list of things i don't like....or hate. either one.

my roomate ktbo and i really "hate" (we use the word a lot without realizing how strong it is) a lot of very random things. we started a list, it was endless...

Since Mondays suck, and things I hate suck, I decided to pair the two and blog about what i hate on Mondays.


crunch crunch crunch!
no. die in a fire. chew elsewhere.
this is one thing that drives me absolutely nuts. no one else has this same hatred, no one understands, but it's one of my quirks that i'd like to get rid of. I live with 5 people, have a big family, and a crunchtastic boyfriend. I am always around chewing. always. crunching is the worst. second worst, gum smacking. gaaaaaaah the thought makes me want to kill myself.

One crunchy food I can accept: Cap'n Crunch. because its fantastic.

this blog post was inspired by a CRUNCHY bag of chips at 5501 last night.

one more hate: hangovers. this post was inspired by post-birthday celebration migraines....more to come later!

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  1. DOOL....write one about how legit i am as a person/sister/friend/confidant/advisor/human being