Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday !


ahhh yes, the birthday extravaganza blog! It was glorious! Matt and I have birthdays on the 17th and 19th of October and plenty of the same friends - so we teamed up (more like I forced myself into the mix) and had a hokie celebration/birthday party in Adam's Morgan this weekend! He went home early (sukka), so i have no pictures with him.

Started at Town Tavern.
the waitress was so accomodating and amazing
free shots when the hokies score/win (which didnt really happen in this game...)
$10 all you can drink beer during the game! amazing.

at some point after the game, i gave my camera to my dear polish friend, alex.
she captured through photo the essence of the evening.
needless to say, it was hilarious/awesome/amazing/fun/crazy/hammertime all mixed into one!

We made our way over to Peyote Cafe - a hole in the wall Karaoke bar right next to (i think) Town Tavern.
we all sang. we all danced. we all blacked out.
i requested Party in the U.S.A. about 30 times. and got rejected about 30 times.

here are a few more pictures from the night...

they sang me happy birthday, i was too excited!

apparently i am strangling claire....


and then we got jumbo slice. those who know me, know that this is my JAM.
i was too busy eating to take pictures of it...but that was the end of the night! :)

Thank you to my bestest friends for being there Saturday and always! Love you!

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