Thursday, August 11, 2011

these streets will make you feel brand new

heading to NYC in the morning for a long weekend to celebrate jessica's bachelorette party with these ladies!! we have all been great friends since high school! jessica's sister, tracie, is an event planner in NY, and her and jess' other sister, rachelle, have planned QUITE the weekend for us! i can't wait to share the details when i return next week!

cant wait to see these two get married in november! i'll be the bawling bridesmaid. i am so so so happy for Andy and Jessica, they got together (at my house..thank you very much) during beach week after senior year of high school and have been together ever since. i love them both to death. me and andy used to ride the bus together in 6th grade when i moved to darnestown. i met jessica freshman year of high school when we tried out for poms together and made the team.

<3 love - its a great thing.

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