Monday, August 8, 2011

new favorite {bottomless} brunch spot!

3 or 4 hours into brunch....we scoped out this table so hard.
heyo! happy monday!

recently, i read about Scion Restaurant (Dupont, DC) on Bitches Who Brunch.  i immediately knew that i'd love this place when i read "make any drink bottomless for just $5 extra". turns out, the food was pretty dang good (two of us got the Kobe Burger and two of us got the Steak&Eggs), and the drink specials far surpassed our expectations once we finally understood how they worked.  four of the eight specialty drinks can be made bottomless - including the bellini&mimosa (those are interchangeable), and then the bacon bloody mary&regular bloody mary (also interchangeable).  the place ran out of orange juice, so mimosa was immediately knocked off our list. the guys ordered bellinis and i ordered a bloody mary  - all bottomless. it was like we were signing a contract since we couldnt switch around. after a few sips of one of the stronger bloody marys ive ever hard, i realized i needed to" buy out of my contract immediately" and switch to bellinis, or my day would end early (which it did anyway, but thats later on in the story).

so....we drank bottomless bellinis - which our waiter, Pablo, served to us in carafe's.  he kept it full and kept our drinks full. bottomless flows until 3:30pm which is nice considering we got there at 1pm on the dot.

our conversations were absolutely hilarious and the actual brunch/bottomless part was amazing. mid-bottomless bellini, we realize the table on the patio has a tap on it (see pic below), and immediately - it had to be ours. we scouted that table until the squatters left, and moved outside around 4, with our new friends from the table next to us inside.  this was just in time for "power hour" in our bottomless-drowned minds.  we realize two key things when we start power hour - 1) iphones arent loud enough to play over dc traffic & 2) power hour is miserable/dangerous when played with an IPA.

anywho - we drank a bit more and this is when i decided it was prob best that i send myself home (around 5:30ish??) - the boys stayed and i hopped in the first taxi i saw.  it was the most aggressive brunch i think ive ever had - and we all know i like to day drink.  i got home and slept til 10:30pm. woops.

taps...ON THE TABLE!? yes, please! the tap counted how many pints you poured, pretty genius.

POURING down rain towards the end of brunch. holllyyyy moly.

i can NOT wait to go back. Pablo - please have my table ready! i'll bring the portable speakers!

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