Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pedro&Vinny's Burritos

read the Arl Now review for pedro&vinny's here

and now my review: A+
here's why:
  • fresh ingredients daily
  • home made "goose sauce" - mango habenero sauce! (omg!) - and they bottle it for sale!
  • home made cilantro habenero sauce! (double omg!)
  • combo of the two (....and i DIE)
  • reasonable prices - $6.45 for a steak burrito 
  • steamed tortillas - REALLY steamed (30 seconds or more), not chipotle flash steamed.
  • the owner, John Rider really made the experience special. your probably thinking "how can anything that has to do with a burrito shack be special?" - well - he was super personable, introduced himself and went through the whole menu with us and told us how his DC customers have been ordering for years. i went with all of his suggestions, and i couldnt have been happier.
i'm sorta worried about myself now that i know its walking distance from my house and open til 3am on weekends, but other than that, i'm seriously pumped that this restaurant opened in our Columbia Pike neighborhood!

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