Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a flower for the lady

i mentioned that i'd blog about these flowers long ago - and here you go!

i've been feelin' kinda crafty recently and made these little fabric flowers as hair clips, headbands, brooches...and well, whatever you want really :) i made quite a few for my cousins over christmas and actually remembered to take pictures!

i'd write up a tutorial, but lets face it, i don't even know how i make them. i just "sew" (i wouldn't exactly call it sewing....i have no talent...and i did most of it while watching tv...) little beads on layers of circles - and flower petal shapes - of organza and fabric. i burn the edges to prevent them from fraying! it's fun!

thats most of them - most have alligator clips or bobby pins on the back - but really they can be on headbands or pins or belts too! (sorry for such a shiny picture - organza doesn't photograph well - maybe on the new camera!?!?)

or in sienna's case - a collar! cutie pie is such a ham.

making a mess - story of my life.

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