Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 things I love right now

  1. My 2010 Sarah Pinto Planner - get one for yourself! they are adorable!
  2. Red and lavender together. oh how i love you. this room just needs a few more pops of red - perfection.
  3. This is a cabinet dedicated to sprinkles and fancy dessert decorations - i want it. now.
  4. These are just SO pretty - i'd love for these to be hanging from the ceiling at a party or wedding i throw or attend!
  5. Champagne diamonds - stacked. i die.
  6. A beautifully simple cake - k.rose cakes - she is in DC, people!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Peonies - they look so light and fluffy and lovely
  8. Lipgloss - don't get me started. i might as well post a "12 lipglosses that i love right now" blog - thats how much i love it.
  9. Cooking Light magazine - delicious, healthy recipes - perfect for after a heavy duty eating season
  10. E-sessions or love shoots with balloons - so fun and carefree and PERFECT
  11. Kitchenaid mixer - dear God, please send me one from above. i'll be good and make plenty of yummy treats. this is #1 on my "things to buy myself" list - need to save up for this pretty machine
  12. Wii! My new obsession - i don't know how it took me SO LONG to actually play, but i started over the holiday season (after taking two years to get over my hatred for video games...) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! sore arm though....haha
read from left to right and then onto the next line! :)


  1. we have family game night 2 for the wii.. love it! and i'm actually getting better at mario kart, i'm a bad driver in general, but i'm working on it!

  2. haah oh man i haven't even ventured to mario kart yet - it's my next step! :)