Thursday, January 13, 2011

switching to the dark side....

i don't really think that virginia is the "dark side" (obviously, i've lived here for three years now, seven if you include college)...but coming from maryland, i am pretty upset that insurance FINALLY figured out that i live in virginia and they are requiring me to get a virginia driver's license.

{via *google images}
for those who haven't seen the new virginia licenses - they are the ones where you are not allowed to smile with teeth.  awesomely awkward.  the fuster fam face was made to smile with teeth, we don't do the whole no teeth smile...its just not cute. most of my friends look like pedophiles in their that's fun.

besides the whole no-teeth-smile - i am also not thrilled that i have to switch for extremely shallow reasons that have no sense of truth at all.  my md license says that i weigh 102 pounds (i really weighed 105 when i got it, but someone messed it up and im not complaining).  virginia licenses don't show weight - which im not complaining about either....but for some reason, that 102 made me happy - despite it being from like 10 years ago....hahaaa

wish me luck. i'll be waiting in line all afternoon at the dmv.


  1. what a creep who is that guy? oh and ps you can check the wait time on VA DMV website.

    VA/Fallettis - 2, MD/Fusters 1.

  2. & what's with his name? justin or william? kind of like justin-bobby?

  3. 1) no idea who that guy is. 2) andrea - i did check the time. i went from MD to VA in TEN MINUTES - i looooove VA!! haha!!!

    Fallettis 1 - Fusters - 2 BOOOOOOOOOOM