Monday, January 10, 2011

Here's to trying new things....

given my past with food....i've grown WAY more adventurous over the years. i didn't even eat fish from 2nd grade through college - but now i am obsessed. the thought of mussels and oysters used to make me sick to my stomach...but now i love both of them and would choose to eat them over many other things.  i used to think that radishes and parsnips were repulsive...but now i love including them in my dishes....funny how things change.

a few things i still can't manage to enjoy - despite how many times i've tried them - are mushrooms, clams, beets, and olives.

i can't even begin to count how many times i've tried mushrooms. fried, cooked, uncooked, in meals, on pizza, in mini quiches.....and i've liked them a grand total of ONCE...and that was in san fransisco....on the other coast. but i am willing to keep exploring the wide world of mushrooms - i am convinced that i will eventually like them. my dad and most of my best friends are obsessed with i have to be too (it makes sense in my head).

beets taste like feet. but they have amazing health benefits and i want to like them. so i am going to try to cooking them on my own - i usually like things the way i prepare them more anyway....any good recipe ideas? i keep reading (wear an apron....they will stain everything. wear gloves, they will stain your hands. blah blah blah - sounds like a hot mess.)

clams taste like rubber. i dont see myself liking them any time in the near future, but the last time i had them, i didn't hate here's to hoping! as for making these myself, i am still venturing into the seafood cooking world, and i've heard the cook time is harder to estimate. i don't want to fail and be turned off i'll leave the clam cooking to the pros :)

as for olives.....i still gag at the smell and i could never wrap my head around the various textures. never. my dad once convinced me that olive bread was raisin bread...thinking i would at least try it. well i did, and i threw up in the kitchen sink. thanks, pops....enjoy cleaning that up.

have you challenged yourself to enjoy something that you generally dislike?  a lot of foodies say to try things several different ways before you completely dismiss it....and that's what i plan to do this year! any suggestions on how to go about this are more than welcome!

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