Thursday, December 9, 2010

Napa Valley - FINALLY's been 4 years since i turned 21 and that means i'm four years too late on getting to napa valley.

if you haven't been - go. if you dont like wine - go. basically, if you have a heart beat - GO! it's amazing...especially now since the weather is mild and people aren't swarming the vineyards! it was so beautiful, and so fun, and SO friendly, and surprisingly, so inexpensive! $10 a tasting isn't bad when the winery is empty and all the employees want is someone to chat with - they just keeeeep on pouring whether its on the list or not. HEYO cab sauv that scored 94 pts!
 black stallion winery! beautiful tablescape!
 me and donnell at black stallion!
 silverado winery!
 me and donnell outside of silverado
 SOLO - silverado reserve!

holiday greetings from us to you!
one of my best girlfriends from college lives in fairfield cali and napa is basically in her backyard! how convenient! lindsay and her bf brent took me to three wineries - and all three were great! we went to Black Stallion, Silverado, and Rombauer! they are located on the Silverado trail and all worth going to check out!  we had the best weekend together and it really makes me miss them not being in the area anymore.

 my awesome hosts - lindsay and brent
Rombauer Winery - great chardonnay!

i got in late friday night, we hung out and caught up on life - it had been wayyy too long since we chatted, so (clearly) i filled her in on the new gossip, and her the same. saturday we got up and made a delicious breakfast and started our day right with bowl-sized glasses - i dont hate it!! then we headed out to the three wineries and got back in time to watch the hokies murder fsu in the ACC Championship! go hokies!  on sunday, they took me to a mexican restaurant in vacaville and then we headed into san fran (40ish mins away). we drove over the golden gate which was not nearly as exciting as i imagined it in my head. it was raining and cold - blegh! we drove down the curly twisty turny part of lombard st and it was AWESOME. the hills in san fran are no joke - i saw a woman holding onto the wall of a building as she carefully shuffled her way down a sidewalk...thank god for the flatness of DC. we hit up ghirardelli square and a little bar near there and then (sadly) that was the end of our weekend together. bah....please move back to DC, donnell!! i miss you too much already!

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