Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

after realizing our lives hadn't changed much from last family sent out the following this year....

George is still working at his virtual job and receiving a “virtual paycheck.” He doesn’t mind not being the breadwinner because working from home gives him the freedom of traveling to his favorite destination, Fire Island. In his free time, George enjoys watching Desperate Housewives, Say Yes to the Dress, Oprah, and basically anything that requires using the word “fabulous.” His goals are to own the Lifetime network and to become the first male on the DC Rollergirls roller racing team.

Carol is still working full time at the Department of Energy and enjoying every minute of it.  Her hobbies include snowboarding, speed skating, competitive diving, modeling, baking cupcakes and making all her own clothes.  In her free time she volunteers as a greeter at Walmart—so if you see her there, give her a big hello!

Madeleine is still living in an Arlington trailer park and working at BAE Systems, but now works in the mailroom.  This is something she has been working for since joining BAE.  She is working in Rosslyn which is much closer to her trailer – just 3 miles! She and her pup Sienna love to come to a real home on the weekends and terrorize Ellie!  One of Sienna’s main hobbies is enjoying time with the kids, and taking home their arms and legs for souvenirs. This year Madeleine has added a porch with a bug zapper to her place. 

Claire graduated from Virginia Tech and has since been living off the land and spending time “finding herself”.  We as parents encourage her to be a free spirit and to explore the world before her.  She backpacked through Africa to see the World cup this past summer.  There she learned to create natural herb potions that will bring her luck throughout her travels.  She will continue her quest to find the meaning of life. We love supporting her financially while she explores all life has to offer.

...this went to everyone we know and love....i think its safe to say that we are bunch of nutjobs..... 


  1. Hahah - I love it!!! So proud of you MADS! Keep upgrading that trailer of yours.

  2. bhahahaha thanks gretchen :) it's been a long journey but im finally where i want to be....a double wide....hahaha