Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Golden Oreo Cupcakes for Arron's last day

one of my best friends at work, if not my best, is leaving us for another company. thank god it's right down the hill and he lives so close! otherwise, i'd be slightly traumatized.

nothing a few cupcakes can't fix! i made 36 cupcakes for my coworkers today - i better be the office favorite.

michelle and i made them them recently, so i just had to make them again because they were so delish! i made a slight variation, but same ingredients! i just used golden oreos with chocolate for the bottom of the cupcake and for the garnish :) you can find the recipe here at Annie's Eats.

check out that many!!

loooove the gold sprinkles!

enjoy!! :)

**note: i used fat free cream cheese for the frosting. use full fat if you don't want it to be runny like mine....

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