Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sticky Rice and H St Country Club

This past weekend me and Michelle went on a double date to Sticky Rice and H St Country Club with our boyfs! It was so much fun!!!!!!!! I highly suggest you visit both if you are in the DC area!


tots in a bucket with spicy mayo!! loooove it!

couldn't go to a sushi place without a sake sampler! (the middle one is questionable)

me and my meeshie sitting on the "national harbor" mini-golf hole! H St. Country Club is a bar that has a mini-golf course upstairs! it's soooo awesome. i cheated the whole time, it was SO HARD.
oooh, just loving on the washington monument!
it was SUCH a fun night! can't wait to do something random in another GHETTO ASS part of town (Sticky Rice and H St Country Club were literally the ONLY two places that were safe in the area) with these two again soonnnnn!!!!

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