Thursday, August 12, 2010

Diary of a LipGloss Addict

Hi. My name is Madeleine, and I am a lipgloss addict.

This, right here, is what you can find in my purse today.....this obsession started back in the day with Lip Smackers. I kid you not, I put at least 5 different flavors on each night before bed. I would NOT go to sleep without doing that (ask holls or jess!!). When I traveled, I downsized and took three with me....THREE.

Now that you know this weird obsession started when I was younger, maybe you'll understand how 10 ended up in my purse today. I switch glosses a lot - depends on whether my hair is straight or curly or wavy or in a ponytail (wind factor, sticky factor, HELLO PEOPLE), or what the weather is (melted chapstick/tube lipgloss is the worst), or what I'm wearing (color usually doesn't phase me, it just depends), or what I choose to bring my clutch (I limit myself to two or three, depending on the size of the clutch), or what kind of flavor I want. The choices are endless, and all the glosses you see above were purchased in 2010. Sick, I know.

My latest and greatest purchases were the Smashbox Limitless Long-Wear Lipgloss with SPF 15 ($21), Laura Gellar Lip Heal and Seal ($13?) in Nude AND Berry, and the Dior Addict (appropriately titled for moi) Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm ($28). I am obsessed with all three, so much so that I have to wear all three in one day. Not together, I just need to apply lipgloss that much more. Call me a freak, but whatevs, I like shiny lips. Judge me.

Ahh, I feel like I say "judge me" enough to dedicate a blog series to it. But I'm too lazy, judge me.

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  1. and u buy your sister $20 lip gloss - which i lose about 3 weeks after you buy it for me and you STILL buy me new ones. i don't deserve nice things.