Sunday, January 29, 2012

A few recipes I've made recently, and failed to photograph!

a few amazing recipes that i've tried recently! (i over-cooked and over-photographed over the holidays - so i've been slacking on it all....wompwomp)

Korean Beef Tacos (i just made the beef) - these were seriously flavorful and delicious! simple to make, but make sure to watch the crock pot.

Sweet & Spicy Green Beans (i omitted the honey) - these were crispy, full flavor - and i added sriracha sauce to give it an extra kick!

doesn't get much more simple than a toll house chocolate chip cookie - but if you want to stick to a tried & true recipe, try the Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie!

I'm sure there are plenty more and I'll be sure to share them as they come! And I promise to try and do a better job sharing my life with the few readers that I still have!


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