Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I missed my bloggy anniversary. I officially suck at blogging!

blog birthday was oct 15th! i cant believe i missed it! two whole years! {via *pinterest}
welp guys. i'm clearly stuck in a blogging rut! i haven't cooked/baked much recently, haven't spent a ton of money of crafts i cant finish, just been SUPER busy with life! a ton of my friends (including myself) have fall birthdays. between that and wedding season i haven't had time to do much except for party (which is fun...and awesome) but i don't want to post a bunch more pictures of me being drunk on here. you guys have seen that plenty - whether it be in real life or on here....

someone helpppp me get out of this rut!

hmmm maybe i should take a chill pill since i'm over 25 now (NOT COOL) - quarter life crisis needs to end at some point! hah!

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