Monday, September 12, 2011


Uncle Phil and me with Poe, the Raven's mascot!

beginning of a beautiful tribute to 9/11. may we never foreget.

6 rows off the field? yes please! having a blast with the best uncle/godfather I could ask for!

amazing. god bless america.

me and Petak!! had such a great time (well maybe she didnt, she is a DIEHARD steelers fan!)
i was lucky enough to hang out with my uncle phil twice this weekend! Happy Hour(s) on Friday and at the Raven's season opener on Sunday! i am so blessed to have him as my godfather, i love him to death. not only is he super caring and a great uncle, he is also SUPER fun and awesome!

thank you uncle phil! i love you!


  1. I love you the MOSTEST!!! You are a great and amazing and beautiful and sweet and loving GodDaughter!!!!!! I love you back x infinity!

  2. By the way, did Ashley ever stop crying from the loss? I thought I had to put her on a watch! She was beyond sad... I hope all Steelers fans felt as bad as her.... signed EVIL UNCLE PHIL!